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On Sublime Love by

Franklin Delgado

 August 2016





As I made my thesis work, my first child was being formed in my wife’s womb. I realized then how the sublime encounter of life itself, evolving day by day, spoke to my process of drawing and painting. This unraveling experience led me to re-evaluate the way I live and to deeply consider my way of thinking about the immensity of existence. My works are homages to love and the grandeur created with minute particles of matter both in life and art.  My medium, charcoal powder, is a ground material of the smallest size, filled with a tremendous capability to ignite. These portraits have become that fire. Subtle details wedded with time have created form in my work. The end result is portraits of individuals who are made in the image of the Divine, who with love has gifted life.



Keywords: Love, Sublime, Mathematical Sublime, Inner Immensity, Metaphor. 

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